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The data we present is the result of an information integration project where most steps are performed automatically, i.e., errors may happened and incomplete integration can occur. For all data no liability is assumed. For each data element, we display a link to the original data entry such that a user can convince oneself.

H. Kohl same as H. Kohl?

We have four objects named Helmut Kohl from three different sources. Now we have to decide which ones are should be fused. The objects from Freebase are different because one person was born in 1943 and the other one in 1930. Unfortunately, it is not possible to decide where the other two objects from DE-Party Donations and DE-Agricultural Subsidies belong to or whether they are independent from the others. We do not even know whether two, three or four different real persons are represented here. Due to missing information, we decide not to fuse these objects.